An Introduction

Elementals series

The sacred elements of Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Spirit are all creative manifestations of the Divine. All play a vital role in the existence of life on Earth, human and non-human, we as conscious beings can perceive the physical manifestations of these sacred elements.


Divine Feminine Series

She was all energy and zodiacal light, in the deep void of the universe, she saw herself reflected. Love was born, one became many, branches of spirit permeating throughout the darkness. A universe conscious of herself, a kaleidoscope landscape. She birthed all possibility.  And in between the fire and cloudburst we became She of Infinite Skies.

The Divine Feminine series is an evolving collection of work imbued with intention and dedicated to the divine in all life’s expression.


The Circles of my mind Gallery

The female form in delicate balance with the never ending circle of life. Birth, life and death and decay, both fragile and strong. Creative in birthing new life and expressing the anguish and joy of being. The evolution of life striving for self awareness and replication. A perfect form emulating the divine, Goddess, humble before the forces of chaos, that execute the expansion of all that is.