An Introduction

Elementals series

The sacred elements of Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Spirit are all creative manifestations of the Divine. All play a vital role in the existence of life on Earth, human and non-human, we as conscious beings can perceive the physical manifestations of these sacred elements.

The touch of the breeze as we breath in the life giving air and receive the gift of oxygen, which is carried in the branching red rivers that flow throughout our bodies to feed every cell , in this can we feel the divine.

When we place our hands in the living soil, we touch the earth, and in this we feel the divine.

When we raise our hands skyward to feel the kiss of the vibrant star we call the sun, we touch fire and in this we feel the divine.

When we dance in the afternoon rain, letting the waters of a thousand clouds touch our skin, in this we feel the divine.

And at last we see how each sacred element touches the essence within, the centre which is god herself. Inspiring the creative mind, nourishing the hearth cauldron, igniting the fires of inspiration, stirring the ebbing tides of love and feeling. A web of connection where the sacred elements exist as the energetic threads of stardust which give the conscious spirit a vessel in which to experience itself.

Each sacred element takes form within symbiotic relationship to each other. For what is a river without an earthen vessel to contain its flow? Would it not be aimless, diffuse and volatile. And if the rains did not fall onto the sweet earth would it not be lifeless, dry and unable to resist the scattering effects of the winds? Which in itself would lack the power to flow, raise the clouds and rush into action without the heat of a radiant star. What then would be the sun without sky to heat and water to cool? A vast lonely vault of energy, scorching an earth bereft of life.

Each sacred element seeks to exist in balance within itself, and each other. And for balance all vital parts must exist, there is in the darkness always light, in the light there is always shadow. The interplay of positive and negative attributes creates a constantly changing and transforming dynamic. This is the inspiration for life.
Through the understanding and integration of these opposing attributes can we universal spirit made manifest come to know ourselves in all of our parts. For we are the manifestation of these sacred elements, we seek balance, we seek change and transformation.

We seek to know the divine, and in seeking the divine we discover the essence at the centre of all ourselves.


She was all energy and zodiacal light, in the deep void of the universe, she saw herself reflected. Love was born, one became many, branches of spirit permeating throughout the darkness. A universe conscious of herself, a kaleidoscope landscape. She birthed all possibility and in between the fire and cloudburst we became She of Infinite Skies.