The Sacred Guardian of Fire

The Sacred Element of Fire

Fire is a truly enigmatic element. It expresses itself in the starlight that filters into our eyes, illuminating the world around us. The vibrant colours of passionate expression, envelop the body of the flame. Red, orange and gold move in a pulsating dance. Bright yellow flickers on its surface and radiates through its heart, where a blue luminous eye holds the spirit of the eternal fire.

The fire in the sky burns brightly displaying to us the brilliance of the day. Heating the earth beneath our feet and the air surrounding our bodies.

The summer sun gives freely of its energy, catalysing the production of food within our allies in the plant kingdom. An intrinsic link in the cycle of life.

And under our feet, on the very bedrock on which we stand, the Fire in the earth, a hot molten mantle of heat and rock, shifts endlessly with pulsing currents, which swirl within our planet’s centre, raising the land, consuming the land and recreating the land.

Fire has the power to destroy or cleanse all that it touches. Like the forest fire that sweeps through the woodland, burning and cleansing all in it’s path. As the trees release their energy to the fire, the earth is charged with potash and bio char. Which in turn nourishes a new generation of plant and animal life. A small embryonic seed that was scorched in the blaze, understands the signal that the heat has given it. Now the way is clear, and the time has come to surge into life.

The essence of fire manifests in our lives beyond its physical expression. The etheric energy of fire permeates to our very centre. The illumination fire brings to the spirit, lights the paths within. Revelations are made that can lead to healing and transformation.

Fire teaches us that these changes are a vital force in the evolution of the soul .

Fire brings the  courage and conviction to stay committed to our course and exercise control, as we direct our passions and make choices in our lives.

Fire directs the will, the will to achieve our goals. The will to face the  challenges  that  may come on our quests. Challenges that could be painful or dramatic, but leave with the promise of knowing true power from within.  The power to employ our creativity in positive, life affirming endeavours that serve our highest good and allow us to know ourselves in all of our parts.

Journey to meet the Guardian of Fire

Sitting with your back upright and in a comfortable position. Close your eyes. Take a few moments to feel the movement of the air around you.  And breathe in and out in a relaxed, gentle rhythm.

Begin to notice how the air is moving into your nostrils as you breathe. Linger with your attention on this movement for ten more revolutions of breathing and as you do do feel your body and mind relax. Becoming more and more relaxed with every breath that you take in.

Imagine now that in your mind’s eye that you find yourself in a place of deep comfort, a place where your mind can go to seek solace and relax. It may be a place you have been to physically before, or perhaps be somewhere from pure imagination; a waterfall, sea shore, corn field or perhaps the base of your favourite tree. Make the image of your chosen place as vivid, as real in your mind’s eye as possible. Feel the touch of the air on your skin, breath in the scents and listen to all the sounds that swirl around you. Now here in your place of comfort,  Afsee before you an archway. Again make this picture as clear as you can with your inner eye. If a clear picture evades you, simply see if you can sense or feel its presence.

And now taking a gentle breath inwards, step through the archway. Now standing at the other side, you find yourself at the top of ten stone steps leading downwards toward a distant door.

Breathe deep and step down onto the first step and feel yourself relax. Now breathing gently and rhythmically step onto the ninth step down and relax even more. Now continue to breath and walk down each step feeling more and more relaxed as you do, Step eight, step seven, step six and step five, now rest on the fifth step for a moment and notice your surroundings.

Continue with another breath inwards down onto step four, feeling even more relaxed. Step three, breathing gently, to step two and now feeling completely relaxed and at peace walk down onto the final step. Breathe deep and and step  down onto the ground before you.

A golden door, so luminous that it appears to be made of pure sunlight stands before you. Upon the door is a white handle shaped like a star.

Breathe deep, turn the handle and open the door. Now step through the door, as you do feel the touch of a warm summer sun on your skin. The room is filled with an ethereal flickering white light, shadows bounce and play between shafts of rich golden illumination. In front of you on the floor are the markings of a five pointed star with a soft golden cushion placed within its centre.

Walk over to this cushion and when you reach it, sit down and make yourself comfortable. For few more moments take time to notice your impressions of the room.

Directly in front of you positioned at eye level is an altar, created from a large carved block of sunstone, which glows with warm gold, red and orange colours, that sparkle like the sun. Carved into the front of the altar is an upward pointing triangle which is embossed with gold leaf.

On the altar is an ornately decorated golden candlestick holder with the head of a lion carved at its base. A red tapered candle is lit in the holder and the light flickers casting long shadows around the room. At the centre of the flame emanates a calming blue glow.

Bring your attention to the flame, and see as you do how the glow of the flame begins to grow and expand outwards.

Observe the shadows that the flame has cast into the room, see how they begin to shorten and change form as the light begins to envelop them. The flickering glow of red, orange and yellow colour expanding outwards until the room is full of colourful warm flame. Feel the passionate heat surround you and touch your skin.

Breathe deep and feel the energy of the flame. What images arise in your mind’s eye? What sounds do you hear? How does the touch of sacred flame make you feel? Feel how the flame can heat your purpose, your passions and your will.

Imagine how the blue glow at the centre of the flame now begins to envelop your body in it’s soothing radiance. See the luminous colour fill your vision, as you centre yourself in the heart of this blue vibrant light. Breathe deep once more. How does it feel to be at the centre of sacred flame? Take a moment to feel and connect with this vital energy.

Once you feel connected to the energy of the flame, with an open heart call to the guardian of Fire.

Call upon the guardian three times, Shining flame, Shining flame Shining Flame!!

Allow the image of the Guardian to form. The Guardian of the realm of fire, Shining flame, Sacred torch of truth, stands resplendent before you, bathed in golden flickering light. Sparks of iridescent blue flame flash and flare around the guardian’s shoulders.

The Guardian of fire holds the flaming blue torch of truth in his right hand and his left hand is open and raised towards the sun. Here in the presence of divine fire, open your heart, mind and soul to the  transformational power of illumination and creativity.

Breathe deep and listen to the wisdom of fire. What do you see, hear, feel and sense?

Take as much time as you need to really hear what sacred fire, what Shining Flame wishes to say to you. Do you have an offering you wish to give to the Guardian?

Is there anything that you wish to say to the Guardian of the realm of fire?

When you feel that you have spent as much time with Shining Flame as you need, or if the Guardian is indicating that is time to go, say farewell to Shining flame. And offer your gratitude in whatever manner you are called to do so. Ask if there are any final words that the sacred Torch of Truth wishes to share with you?

Close your inner eyes once more. Breathe deep, and once again see and feel the blue glow at the centre of the flame surrounding you, warming you.

Imagine as you do the flame beginning to contract. With every gentle breath that you take, the flame becomes smaller and smaller. Retreating slowly from around your body, until once again it has returned to the red candle upon the altar and shadows flicker and dance around the room.

In this inner landscape open your eyes and rise from your seated position. If you feel called to offer a final thank you to the realm of fire and the vital sun for all the gifts and insights you have received during your time in this realm, now is the time to do so.

Then breathing deeply once more turn and walk back towards the door, that led you into this realm of fire.  Once there, open the door and step through, remembering always that you may return if you have need. Now close the door behind you.

Once again you find yourself at the bottom of a stone staircase. Breathing gently and rhythmically, begin your ascent up the stairway.

Feeling more and more refreshed and awake as you climb, step one, two, three and four. Now step onto the fifth step and notice just how energised you are feeling. Now place your feet onto step six, feeling more alert, seven, eight and nine. You are now about to step onto the final step, and as you do so, you are aware that when you walk onto the top step, you will be able to open your eyes. Fully present in your body, refreshed and awake. Step onto the final step, open your eyes.

Feel yourself fully present in your body and say your name out loud three times.

If you have your journal to hand, sit for a few minutes and write down as much detail of your journey as you can.

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