Journey into the Garden of the Goddess

For those who may not be familiar with journey work, or any form of guided visualization. please first take at a look at the page; What is Journey? before taking quiet time to explore this imaginative realm. The post contains information on journey work; what to expect and what you may gain from this kind of voyage.

This is a journey to meet the Goddess within, it was written for World Goddess day 2016

Before you begin this journey makes sure you have  at least forty minutes of time, that you can set aside without being disturbed. Find yourself a comfortable position you may wish to sit or lay down. Just be sure to make sure that you will be warm, so if you need to keep a blanket next to to you. Close our eyes, and take deep cleansing breath in and release. Now take in another cleansing breath and again release.

Now bringing your attention to your forehead, to the point above the bridge of your nose. Sometimes called the third eye, the witches eye. I want you to imagine a circle a circle of light beginning forming here.

With every gentle breath that you take in allow this orb of light to grow, energised by mana, the energy which infuses throughout the universe, energy that flows from the air through your breath and into your body.

Allow this energy to infuse into this orb of light and let it grow in your mind’s eye, becoming larger and brighter and more vivid with every breath that you take.

Make this circle of light as real as possible in your mind’s eye, vivid and bright.

And now as you breathe easily, begin to visualise this orb of light descending downwards through the centre of mind,

With every breath that flows into your body, allow this orb of light to float down,let it descend down your neck to the top of your spine, traveling slowly down your spine past your shoulders, floating down breath by breath, coming to rest for a moment in your heart .

Breathe deep and notice for a moment how it feels to have your awareness at your heart.

Then gently allow this ball of light to float down further still until it reaches your lower back. Now imagine this ball of light beginning to the move slowly forward into your centre, your lower Dan Tian,a point just 2 inches below your navel, a place of chi energy.

Breathe deep and notice for a moment how it feels to have your awareness at your centre.

And now with this orb of light at your centre. Begin to imagine that here at your centre, in this haven,you begin to notice, out of the light appearing in front of you, a path, a very windy path. The surface of the pathway is lined with soft black earth and on either side of the trail stand tall magnificent trees, which sway in a steady breeze. You look down the path which winds into the distance . .

Breathe deep and step onto the path.

Steadily you  begin to walk, down this dirt road surrounded by tall beautiful trees, you can smell their fragrance scents and hear the sounds of woody stems as they creak and sway in the air, high in the branches singing of birds flutter their wings as they enjoy the comfort the tree branches.Steadily you wander down the path until you notice on the horizon, what appears to be the outline of a doorway.  Around the edges of the doorway you can see swirling eddies of cloud.  You draw closer to the doorway now notice that is painted red, white and black, the colours of the Goddess.

With your eyes seeing more clearly as you move closer to the doorway, you can now see that the colours morph and change  form as you observe them. They begin to form into words and names.

You  begin to make out the names of the Goddess, her many names swirling within the colours, and then suddenly you become aware of just one of her names in particular, It is a name that calls to you. Peering even closer you instantly recognise your very own name.

Now you understand and three times you speak your name,as you do the doorway opens wide.

Breathe deep and step through the doorway.

At first it is difficult to see your surroundings the air is thick and warm. The light is bright with a silvery hue. Despite having to wait for your eyes to adjust to the light you feel relaxed, safe and at home.

As the view becomes clearer, you now begin to view your surroundings,

You find yourself  in the most beautiful garden you have ever laid eyes on. Lush and vibrant, overflowing  with life , abundant and filled with a kaleidoscope of colour, an enchanted landscape, take a moment to sense the energy all around you, This is the garden of the Goddess.

Breathe deep and notice what you see, hear, feel and sense here.

In the Garden of the Goddess you are offered comfort, understanding take time to linger here in her beauty, in your own inner beauty.
In the far corner of the garden a magnificent shrine to the goddess catches your eye, you walk towards it and as you do you hear the soft tinkling flow of water.

As you approach the shrine you notice that their is a pool of deep still water, glistening at it’s base. The clear sparkling waters surface is shrouded in mists. You feel called to place your you hand in the mists and as you, do they swirl begin to clear.

You look into the deep reflective waters of the pool.

Breathe deep and notice what you see, hear, feel and sense.

What do you see in her depths, in your own, deep well? What voice do you hear? Take this time to listen to her heart . To your heart.

The physical realm begins to call to you.

You look up and notice that at the side of the pool, a gift has been placed there for you. Pick up this gift and receive it.  You thank the Goddess in your own way. Embrace this gift, it has always been for you.
Your heart is full of the love of the Goddess, allow yourself to feel this fully. Now once again offer her your thanks and farewell in whatever way you feel called.

You walk back towards the gateway through which you entered the Garden . You turn to envelop yourself in the feast of sights and sounds once more.

Is there an offering you would like to make to her at this time? Take a few more moments to enjoy the warmth of the mother, then breathe deep, turn and step through the gateway. As you do the gateway closes behind you.

You begin to walk buoyant and relaxed back down the pathway towards the orb of light at your centre. You stride between the tall trees feeling refreshed and somehow lighter, aware that you are carrying your gift with you.

As you near the end of the path, before once again is the glowing orb of light. Breathe deep and allow yourself to step back into this orb of light.

Allow the image of this orb of light to become clearer and clearer, as real as possible, gently breathe into it.

Now with one more deep breath release this orb of light,release your awareness within it. Let it go and allow it to go to where ever you want your awareness to be centred in your body in this moment. Gently open your eyes. Relax for a short while longer, then take up a pen and paper and write down all that you have experienced.



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