What is a Journey?

Guardian of the Earth

When we talk about journeys we evoke many threads of meaning. Life itself is a journey, one that begins with birth and continues through the evolution of our personal stories and other experiences all the way through to the death of the physical body and beyond. The journey of life is a multi-layered and multi-dimensional experience which involves the interaction of the physical world  and our inner landscapes.

The journeys that we explore in the internal landscape are of particular interest, as they are voyages which we can direct to learn about ourselves in all of our parts,. With our imaginations we can enter the infinite realm where we are the author of every possibility.

With our inner eye we can turn our camera lens inwards to focus and shape a world that we create. Through the exploration of this landscape, we become more sensitive and aware of our motivations and drives. An internal journey using the mind’s eye allows us to touch source, the boundless spirit within.

On a journey we travel through the layers of emotional complexity that are created by the souls many lifetimes, the stories that we have lived through and the memories we have stored. All these things create the intricate web of our being, aspects of the self hidden from view riding on the waves of an inner seas. When we enter the inner realms we become like a deep-sea diver exploring an under the ocean cave system, a system that is vast, beautiful, full of wonder and with many hidden depths.

In our inner world we are the protagonist of our own story, we journey to discover who we truly are, we journey to redefine possibility. We journey to understand how our boundaries were created, to discover where the obstacles to fulfillment find their origin.

Inside our inner world we can locate and experience feelings of great joy and connection to source, or release feelings that inhibit our true purpose in the world and no longer serve us.

We have within a wise sage. Our inner landscape is the portal realm that allows us access to a deeper wisdom, a wisdom that resides in all of us, living within the recesses of our creative mind, the boundless connection to God herself. A place where soul touches physical form and the two unite.

With imagination and sacred intention we can choose the roads we walk and  gain the knowledge we are seeking,

Close your eyes and gently breath. Focus your inner gaze your, conscious intention on a world as important to your health and well-being as the world you can touch with you hands.

What dwells within is not a fixed world, but a canvas that can evolve and change, like a painting on an easel. Through the utilization of imagination and intention old canvases can be reworked, revisited. Old stories can be rewritten, conversations revisited and forgiveness found were needed.

Journeys are a form of personal practice, a meditation on the divine manuscript within.

Written journeys are templates or visualizations that guide our way into the deeper realms. They are in essence guided visualizations, which are filled with visual cues and imagery, designed to open internal  doorways, and lay down signposts which direct the traveler to a particular realm within.

Journey visualizations are a gift of the imagination, and can be very rewarding in many ways, but like all that is worthwhile learning, practice will make it easier to access the deeper realms. Therefore the more guide journeys you undertake, the more you will be rewarded with clearer messages and a faster passage into your inner world.

It is true however that as people are individuals with different strengths and different inner landscapes that visualization skills will also be varied and different for each person, Some people are more adept with sense or feeling, rather than imagery. Others still may be more aware of sounds or color or even have bodily sensations, all these experiences are a part of the journey , some may happen every time, in some journeys only symbols or smells may appear. Some individuals may never receive strong visual images at all. The important point is to trust yourself, you will receive the information you need in a form that is most relevant to you. When you take a leap of faith and open to the fact that you are infinite possibility,  barriers to wholeness melt away like snow from your roof in springtime.

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