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Paganism, Permaculture & Poultry keeping on a Welsh Hillside

A beautifully written blog, full of  wonderful seasonal tips on the wheel of the year, food and the environment. Humour and passion for all things growing and clucking! Enjoy!

Donald’s Travels Throughout the Multiverse

Incredibly insightful musings and stories from Source. Coupled with delicate and magically symbolic art. Original and powerful. Everything Donald has to say is relevant and has a deeper message which speaks to all aspects of our journey through life. I cannot recommend this site enough!!

Regenerative Culture, Earth -Based Spirituality and Permaculture

A powerhouse, of all things Permaculture, political and Spiritual. This blog will keep you in formed on the latest issues relating to the our mother Earth and offer practical ways that you can be part of the change.


Inspiring writing, poetry and art. All candidly raw and beautiful, personal experience as a gift of enlightenment to all who seek its path.

Illuminous Flux

An eclectic mix of all things life inspiring and joyful. Life in all its complexity, explored with humour and reverence.

Jhenah Telyndru

Inspiration and spiritual guidance from the founder of the Sisterhood of Avalon and the author of numerous, incredible works, such as Avalon Within and the Avalonian Oracle!

Online Journals

The Tor Stone

The Tor Stone is an online Journal with contributions from gifted female writer’s, who share personal stories of empowerment.  Journey through the realms myth and mystery. Guided by the Goddess and the mysteries of Avalon.

Reclaiming Quarterly

Online magazine for witchcraft and magical activism.