A Journey into the realm of Manifestation

Spirits of the Earth
Spirits of the Earth

The way of the Earth

A journey to the aspect realm of Manifestation

For those who may not be familiar with journey work, or any form of guided visualization. please first take at a look at the page; What is Journey? before taking quiet time to explore this imaginative realm. The post contains information on journey work; what to expect and what you may gain from this kind of voyage.  Please allow for a minimum of Fourty minutes of quiet time, where you will not be disturbed to complete the journey.  Blessings on your voyage.

Sitting comfortably, close your eyes and take a gentle cleansing breath in and release. As the air flows in and out of your nasal passages, focus your awareness on the life-giving oxygen, as it enters your lungs, and fills every alveoli, passing easily and abundantly into your blood, radiating out into every vital organ, every muscle, every cell. Breath by breath, continue holding your attention on the air as it flows into your body . You may find that at times your attention wanders, thoughts and feelings may drift into view distracting you from your breath. These thoughts are like the shifting of sand on a dune, be gentle with yourself simply acknowledge them and then gently return your focus to your breath. Take as much time as you here to feel relaxed and centered

Now bring your attention,your awareness up to the center of your forehead, an area that is sometimes called the third eye, the witch’s eye.

Continue breathing gently and as you do begin to imagine that here at the center of your forehead, a circle of vibrant light is beginning to form.  From the smallest pin sized spark, growing with every breath that you take in.  Feel as you do so,the energy from your breath feeding the glowing orb of light, until it is large and vibrant.Make this circle of light as tangible, as real as you possibly can in your mind’s eye. Take one more gentle breath into your body and begin to visualize the orb of light descending, floating down through your head, weightlessly gliding down to your throat. See how the light as it descends reflects the vibrations of each of your bodies energy centers. See the circle of light resonating with a light blue hue as it passes down through your throat energy center.See the light gliding further down,and down, until it reaches your heart. Here breathing gently visualize the orb of light resonating with the vibrational energy of your heart, see the green glow of the heart center. Acknowledge any feelings that may arise and then gently return your focus to the ball of light as it continues to float breath by breath down through you body.Down until, it reaches your center, your navel. Bring your circle of light to rest here, let the vibrant energies of the center infuse into the light, see the light fill with a yellow translucent glow. Breath deep and release,see now yourself seated within this circle of light, and imagine as you breath that the light begins to change, becoming nebulous,cloudy, like a scene from an enchanted dream scape.

Breath deep once more and see the misty air moving and swirling around you. See and feel these mists beginning to part, revealing in front of you a deep,verdant green glen,which is situated at the foot of a tall, multifaceted hillside. It is a cool clear day, a hazy winter sun illuminates the surrounding hillside, and slowly, meanders across crevasses and gullies, casting long shadows over hidden outcrops. A cool moist breeze rises up on a wavering current of air and brushes past your cheek,the faint sweet smell of earth lingers in the air for just a moment. You turn and find yourself facing the Northern recesses of the rolling hillside.Allow your eyes to be drawn to a distinctive outcrop of gnarly low growing Elder trees which appear to twist their ancient trunks out from the meeting point between the hillside and the flattened floor of the Glen. And begin to walk towards the elder trees, as you draw closer you notice that the trees mask the source of a soft bubbling brook, reach out  with your hands and push aside the lowest branches of the elder trees, here you find an unusual triangular-shaped cave entrance, which is covered with an antique flowing tapestry. The tapestry is a brightly colored cloth of green, brown and orange. A soft breeze emanates from behind the cloth and as it gently flows over your skin you once again smell the sweet odor of fresh living earth, step forward and stare intently into a black triangle that is woven into the center of the tapestry.  

Now speak your request to enter into the realm of Earth and see how the curtain of fabric blows aside.You enter into a dark cool world, you are slightly unsure of your position, but as your eyes slowly a just to the low light levels, you notice that the cavern walls are imbued with symmetrically patterned crystal formations, that appear to reflect the very light in your eyes, illuminating the darkness. You can now see that you are standing in an ancient, monolithic limestone cavern, its cathedral dome ascends upwards, rising so high that it is impossible to see its crowning glory. In the center of the cavern sits, atop a black opal altar, an intricately carved iron cauldron, the carvings etched into the cauldron are inlaid with delicate slithers of smoky quartz. Sculpted doorways carved by archaic elemental forces surround you in all directions. Each doorway has on either side of its entrance stately carved altars. Your attention is drawn to one of the doorways. Both altars at either side of this portal, have, proudly standing upon them multifaceted green calcite crystals which  are glowing large and bright. The passage beyond the doorway itself, is hidden by another long flowing tapestry. A bold mandala is woven into the fabric with shining threads of gold, green, brown and white. In the center of the mandala is the image of a white diamond which has golden inclusions swirling around its edges, this is the portal to the earthly realm of manifestation. Look deeply into the eye of the portal and speak your request to enter.

As the tapestry wafts aside, you enter into a brightly lit  cavern, the surfaces of the cavern walls are dark and earthy. The energy inside is palpable.In the center of the space, hanging long and stately from the roof of the cavern, are three white stalactites,a hanging triptych altar, still actively growing from the flow of mineral waters that slowly filter through from the rocks above. The central stalactite holds at its tip a glowing rutilated quartz crystal filled with a dazzling array of golden inclusions. A potent crystal that amplifies the manifestation of creativity through the power of intention. Formed from the energetic core of the earth’s mantle, a distillation of Earth essence. Seat yourself down in front of the stalactite altar. Now is your time, your time to seek the wisdom of the  earthly realm of manifestation. Take this time to hear, to sense,to feel and to see all that this realm is gifting to you in this moment. Ask yourself what do I truly wish to manifest in my life? How does this serve my highest good? Listen deeply to the ancient ones around you, the stalactites, the  ancient crystal formations, the earth and rock, in whose being has manifested the world in which you live and move. Listen to their timeless wisdom. What lessons does their evolution communicate to you? In this timeless cavern reach out with a cord of  energetic thought to the glowing quartz crystal situated on the tip of the altar.Let your mind’s eye connect with it’s vibrating energy, feel its ability to amplify your creative gifts, feel how through the power of intention it can aid you in the manifestation of that which serves your highest goals and ideals.  Feel its connection to the wisdom of the ages. Allow this energy to flow, take in as much as you need. And now feeling energized, aware of all the boundless possibilities that await you, offer heartfelt gratitude to the crystal, and as you so do you pull back the cords of energy that connect you.  

Within the cavern take a few more moments to marvel at the rich veins of rock and earth that decorate this holy cavern, and then offer your gratitude to the realm of manifestation. Now it is time to leave this realm, you stand and walk back through the doorway, where behind you the tapestry falls to close the entrance. Once again you find yourself in the cathedral cavern of elemental Earth. A feast of glowing crystal formations pattern the great cavern hall around you. Walk now towards the entrance to the great cavern . You come upon the antique tapestry guarding the triangular entrance once again and you step through into the hazy light of a winter’s day as the tapestry falls behind you, closing the cavern entrance. Know as you leave that this realm will always be open to the heart that beats in time to its rhythms, and so you may return to seek its guidance whenever you have need. A short distance from the cavern entrance, you seat yourself down upon the cool grass and close your eyes. And now once again begin to visualize yourself within a  ball of light, filled with a nebulous mist. Breath gently, imagine how every breath of air that flows into your lungs also acts to clear the mists that now surrounds you, breathing and clearing until you are once more seated within a glowing ball of clear golden light. Now take in one deep energizing breath and as you do so release, let go of the ball of light and allow your awareness to simply to find the place in your body that it needs to be centered in this moment.

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